SEM Special Solution

TESCAN SEM/FIB-SEM with integrated Raman spectrometer

Key features

  • Quick and convenient switching between SEM and Raman measurement
  • Automated sample transfer from one measuring position to the other
  • Integrated software interface for user-friendly measurement control
  • Correlation of the measurement results and image overlay
  • No compromise in SEM and Raman imaging capabilities
  • Raman microscopy provides analysis of chemical compounds and material characteristics (stress, orientation, crystallinity).
  • Raman spectroscopy is a complementary method to EDX.

TIMA-X TESCAN Integrated Mineral Analyser

Key Hardware Features

  • Based on TESCAN MIRA Schottky field emission or VEGA thermionic emission SEM
  • Up to four integrated EDX detectors for maximum system throughput performance
  • Latest generation of Peltier-cooled SDD detectors
    • New 30 mm2 SDD CMOS vacuum encapsulated chip
    • Si3N4 ceramic window is rugged, non-porous and has high transmissivity
  • Compatible with full-function standards-based quantita­tive EDX analysis

Unique Features

  • Complete hardware integration of the X-ray acquisition and beam scanning system
  • AutoLoader™ for 24/7 continuous and unattended automated operations of large sample sets
  • Summing of low-count spectra for lower detection limits
  • Direct quantitative EDX analysis of TIMA measured X-ray spectra
  • Workflow and tools for simpler building of mineral classification schemes
  • Interactive measurement validations and investigation tools


AMU chamber highlights

  • High performance FE-SEM system equipped with an extraordinarily large chamber
  • Chamber internal dimensions: 880 mm (width) × 1200 mm (depth)
  • Maximum specimen weight: 25 Kg
  • Integrated active vibration isolation
  • Capable of low and high vacuum operations
  • Multiple detector configuration possible


  • Life Sciences
    • large biological specimens imaging,analysis of whole bones
  • Materials science
    • characterisation of whole large samples, wearing and fatigue studies,failure analysis, forensics
  • Earth sciences
    • study and characterisation of minerals,whole rocks and valuable geological samples whose integral structure must be preserved for the analysis
  • Semiconductors and Microelectronics
    • large wafer SEM inspection (maximum sample diameter 30”)