Xe FIB Models


Key features

A Plasma FIB-SEM platform for deep sectioning and the highest resolution end-pointing for package level failure analysis

  • Curtaining-free large-area cross-sectioning for physical failure analysis of advanced packaging technologies
  • Prepare large area FIB-cross-sections up to 1 mm wide
  • Obtain low noise, high-resolution image at low keVs in short acquisition time at FIB-SEM coincidence with the sample tilted
  • Live SEM-monitoring during FIB milling for precise end-pointing
  • Observe the most beam-sensitive materials using low keVs ultra-high resolution for surface sensitivity and high material contrast
  • Effective techniques and recipes for fast and artefact-free cross-sectioning of composite samples (OLED and TFT displays, MEMS devices, isolation dielectrics) at high currents
  • Essence™ easy-to-use modular user interface


Key Features

A unique combination of Plasma FIB and field-free UHR FE-SEM for multiscale materials characterization

  • High throughput, large area FIB processing up to 1 mm
  • Ga-free microsample preparation
  • Ultra-high resolution, field-free FEG-SEM imaging and analysis
  • In-lens SE and BSE detection
  • Resolution optimization for high-throughput, multi-modal FIB-SEM tomography
  • Superior field of view for easy navigation
  • Essence™ easy-to-use, modular graphical user interface