Atomic Force Microscope AFM

The MFP-3D AFM family offers the widest range of accessories for the widest range of budgets

  • MFP-3D Origin - Most affordable Asylum AFM, offers high performance and a wide range of capabilities

  • MFP-3D Origin+ - Same performance as Origin, but with a full range of optional accessories, still at a very affordable price

  • MFP-3D Infinity - Flagship of the MFP-3D family, offering the highest performance and solutions for every application

  • MFP-3D-BIO - Only bioAFM integrated with optical microscopy that offers all modes and accessories

Our ultra-high-performance AFM family offers unmatched imaging resolution, incredible ease of use, exceptional environmental control, and scan speeds all the way to video rate

  • Cypher S - Starting Cypher model with ultra-high resolution, fast scanning, and a full range of modes

  • Cypher ES - All the performance and features of the Cypher S, plus a wide range of exceptional environmental control accessories

  • Cypher VRS - The first and only fully-featured video-rate AFM, incredible speed along with the features of a Cypher ES

The Jupiter XR Atomic Force Microscope is the first and only large-sample AFM to offer both high-speed imaging and extended range in a single scanner. Jupiter provides complete 200 mm sample access and delivers higher resolution, faster results, a simpler user experience, and the versatility to excel in both academic research and industrial R&D laboratories.

  • Higher resolution than any other large-sample AFM

  • Extended range 100 μm scanner is 5-20× faster than most other AFMs

  • From setup to results, every step is simpler and faster

  • Modular design adapts to your needs for maximum flexibility

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