FESEM Models


Key features

  • High brightness Schottky emitter for high-resolution/high current/low-noise imaging
  • Unique Wide Field Optics™ design with a proprietary Intermediate Lens (IML) offering a variety of working and displaying modes, for enhanced field of view or depth of focus, etc.
  • Real-time In-Flight Beam Tracing™ for performance and beam optimization, which also allows direct and continuous control of the beam and beam current
  • Beam Deceleration Technology (BDT) for excellent resolution at low beam voltages
  • Excellent imaging at short working distances with the powerful In-Beam detector (optional)
  • All MIRA3 chambers provide superior specimen handling using a 5-axis fully motorized compucentric stage and have ideal geometry for EDX and EBSD
  • Optional extra-large chambers (XM, GM) with robust stages able to accommodate large samples including large wafers (6", 8", 12") are also available
  • Numerous interface ports with optimized analytical geometry for attaching EDX, WDX and EBSD detectors and many others
  • Investigation of non-conductive samples in variable pressure modes
  • Several options for chamber suspension type ensure effective reduction of ambient vibrations in the laboratory
  • Non-distorted EBSD pattern


Key features

New BrightBeam™SEM column technology for uncompromised UHR

  • New BrightBeam™ SEM column with proprietary 70° combined electrostatic-magnetic objective lens for maximum universality.
  • Field-free ultra-high resolution imaging for maximum versatility in imaging and analysis including the investigation of magnetic samples.
  • New detection system including In-Beam Axial detector and Multidetector for angle-selective and energy-selective electron signal collection gives complete control on surface sensitivity and the option to explore with different contrast.
  • New Field Emission Schottky electron gun now enabling electron beam currents up to 400 nA and rapid beam energy changes.
  • Extended electron beam energy range down to 50 eV without relying on sample bias beam deceleration.
  • New generation of electronics with up to 8live signal channels simultaneously.
  • EquiPower™ lens technology for efficient thermal power dissipation and excellent electron column stability.
  • Beam Deceleration Technology (BDT) for further improved resolution at low and ultra-low electron beam energies with simultaneous detection of SE and BSE signals. (optional)
  • New Essence™ software platform and streamlined GUI with application-specific customizable layout, workflow-oriented wizards, 3D collision model, quick search box, SEM undo-redo, innovated report template editor, image processing, multi-user environment localized in many languages.