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TESCAN's portfolio includes a series of SEM and FIB-SEM systems designed to attend to the current needs and challenges in sample analysis arising from all fields of science and technology such as Materials Science, Life Sciences, Forensic Sciences, Automated Mineralogy, and the relentless Semiconductor Industry. Over 3000 SEM installations in more than 80 countries are testimonial of TESCAN’s first-class quality, proven technology, reliability, service, and excellence. TESCAN’s product offer consists of thermionic and field emission SEM microscopes, Xe plasma and Ga ion source FIB-SEM systems, TIMA-X – a unique solution for automated mineralogy, & RISE – an integration of SEM and Raman confocal microscopy.

The main activity of the company is developing and manufacturing of ion technology based instruments for extended use in specimen preparation and depth profiling connected to transmission and scanning electron microscopy. 

The leading professional 3D imaging equipment manufacturer that possesses independent intellectual property rights, and dedicates to the research and development of 3D X-ray microscope, X-ray online test and industrial high-resolution CT. 

Asylum Research is the Technology Leader in Atomic Force Microscopy. Our passion for innovating AFM technology is what drove us to start Asylum in 1999. Since then, we have continuously worked to develop higher performance AFMs (e.g. resolution, speed), more useful AFMs (e.g. going beyond topography, extending to mechanical, electrical, and functional properties), and easier to use AFMs (e.g. eliminating artifacts, automating setup, making operation more consistent and predictable). 

Euromex Microscopen BV is a leading manufacturer of microscopes and other optical instruments. Founded in 1966, Euromex has become a world-class supplier of biological and stereo microscopes.

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